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Waite, K. (2021). Kindergarten deforestation experts: Interdisciplinary learning for understanding and addressing global issues. International Journal of Early Childhood Environmental Education. 8(3) 20-39.


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Pitts, B.R., An, S., Early, L., Hadley, K. J., Louie, B.Y., Howard, C.L., Roberts, S.L., Rodriguez, N.N., Schroeder, S.S., Simpson. T.S., Van Haren, K., Waite, K., West, L. (2022). Notable social studies tradebooks for young people 2022. National Council for the Social Studies & Children’s Book Council.

Book Review Committee Member

V. Ramanathan, M. Suárez-Orozco, M. Grenot-Scheyer, F. Uy, R. Arum, K. Cowe, J. Grace, B. Murchison, C. Ney and E. Schell, et al. Achieving climate stability and environment sustainability: PK–12 education as part of the solution for bending the curve. Published by the UC–CSU Environmental and Climate Change Literacy Project and Summit Steering Committee. Ed: Leigh Leveen, Published by the University of California at Los Angeles 2019.

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