Public  Scholarship

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Writing on the intersections of race, education, & the environment

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Waite, K. (2022, June 17). I’m an environmental educator. Attacks on CRT also threaten environmental justice education. Visible Magazine.

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Waite, K. (2022, April 20). I’m an Asian American environmental educator: White supremacy is a threat to me and to the planet. Ms. Magazine.


Waite, K. (2021, Dec 7). Asian American studies is crucial to achieving climate solutions. Ms. Magazine.

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Waite, K. (2022, Mar 2). Climate action must include racial justice. The Progressive Magazine.

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Waite, K. (2022, Feb 19). My Japanese American grandfather helped the U.S. win WWII. Without critical race theory, kids won’t learn his story. San Francisco Chronicle.

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Waite, K. (2022, Jan 31). Prepare students to lead on climate, environmental justice. CalMatters.

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Waite, K. (2022, Jan 28). California schools should teach Asian American history, starting with Fred Korematsu. The San Diego Union-Tribune.

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Waite, K. (2021, Aug 24). Students must learn how to find truth. World War Zero.

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Waite, K. (2021, June 17). Bills banning critical race theory also threaten climate education. Grist.