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Public  Scholarship

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Writing on the intersections of race, education, & the environment--Research themes

Waite, K. (2022, September 7). The great resisters of Japanese American history have a powerful story to tell. The Emancipator & Boston Globe

Waite, K. (2022, August 29). Kids need to learn about climate in every classroom, every subject. Grist.

Waite, K. (2021, June 17). Bills banning critical race theory also threaten climate education. Grist.

Waite, K. (2022, August 19). Asian American history must be taught in schools. The Progressive Magazine


Waite, K. (2022, Mar 2). Climate action must include racial justice. The Progressive Magazine.

Waite, K. (2022, June 17). I’m an environmental educator. Attacks on CRT also threaten environmental justice education. Visible Magazine.

Waite, K. (2022, April 20). I’m an Asian American environmental educator: White supremacy is a threat to me and to the planet. Ms. Magazine.


Waite, K. (2021, Dec 7). Asian American studies is crucial to achieving climate solutions. Ms. Magazine.

Waite, K. (2022, Feb 19). My Japanese American grandfather helped the U.S. win WWII. Without critical race theory, kids won’t learn his story. San Francisco Chronicle.

Waite, K. (2022, Jan 31). Prepare students to lead on climate, environmental justice. CalMatters.

Waite, K. (2022, Jan 28). California schools should teach Asian American history, starting with Fred Korematsu. The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Waite, K. (2021, Aug 24). Students must learn how to find truth. World War Zero.

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