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A sample of statewide & national leadership positions/involvements for environmental education & civics education 

EcoBlitz is an interdisciplinary and statewide environmental education & community science program created in 2019 by a team of California-based National Geographic Explorers and National Geographic Certified Educators. The spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration encourages students to explore plant and animal biodiversity like a biologist, and trash and plastics like an anthropologist. Students learn about their communities through the lenses of global education, geographic education, and environmental education. Students develop the attitudes, skills, and knowledge of real National Geographic Explorers while working with other classes throughout California to create more socially just and sustainable local and global communities.


In spring 2022, EcoBlitz was offered as an online microcredential through Teachers College of San Joaquin. Educator participants who completed the course, from March 1-May 31, 2022. In spring 2023, the online microcredential course was offered from March 1-May 1, 2023 through Cal Poly Humboldt's College of Extended Education & Global Engagement. It will be offered again in spring 2024.

Supported with funding from: The North American Association for Environmental Education, and the National Geographic Society.


Roles: EcoBlitz Team Lead & Co-Developer; Online Course Instructor & Online Course Co-Creator



UC-CSU Environmental and Climate Change Literacy Projects (ECCLPs). Advancing PK-12 climate and environmental literacy, justice and action through an innovative partnership between the UC-CSU systems.


The UC and CSU university systems are joining key partners to support the urgent need to advance PK-12 climate and environmental justice literacy by preparing current and future teachers to respond to these urgent issues. 

Roles: Steering Committee Member, In-Service Sub-Committee Member, Contributing Author on the 2019 Statewide Recommendations Report & Strategic Summary


National Council for the Social Studies

Books selected for this bibliography are written primarily for children in grades K-12. The selection committee looks for books that emphasize human relations, represent a diversity of groups and are sensitive to a broad range of cultural experiences, present an original theme or a fresh slant on a traditional topic, are easily readable and of high literary quality, and have a pleasing format and, when appropriate, illustrations that enrich the text. Each book is read by several reviewers, and books are included on the annotated list by committee assent.

Role: Selection Committee Member--Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People (National Council for the Social Studies & Children's Book Council)


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